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About Budgam


Budgam is located in the heart of Kashmir Valley in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is the administrative headquarters of Budgam District; hence it is very important from the administrative point of view. Since there are many places of tourist interest located nearby, it is equally significant from the tourism point of view.

History of Budgam

Long ago Budgam town was known as Deedmarbag and the district was known as Pargana Dessu. Because Deedmarbag was a big and prosperous village, it began to be known as Bad Gam, which in English means big village. Over the time, people forgot its original name and the town began to be known as Badgam or Budgam.

Although not much is known about the history of Budgam we do find its reference in many old texts. Moreover, the geographical position of the city and its proximity to Srinagar has influenced its political history to a large extent.

Chronology of Budgam

Maharaja Ranjit Singh JiThe town was initially under the control of different Hindu and Buddhist rulers who ruled over the entire area from their capital at Srinagar. From 14th Century onwards, the area came under Muslim rule and remained so until the beginning of nineteenth century.  In 1814, Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji captured Srinagar and set up Sikh rule over the region. However, with the decline of his influence, whole of Kashmir including Budgam came under British suzerainty. They appointed Maharaja Gulab Singh as the sovereign ruler of the state and thus the town remained a part of the princely state of Kashmir until the state merged with independent India.  

It is also reliably learnt that Budgam was a major stopover for people traveling to and from Kashmir. According to old text, Hiuen Tsang, the famous Chinese traveler, used this route to reach Punch.  When Mahmud Ghazni tried to invade Kashmir in 11 Century AD, he also chose Pouch Gali in the Khag tehsil of the district, as his base camp. Later, Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji also chose the same spot when he invaded Kashmir. 

Budgam after independence

Budgam was earlier part of Barmullah district. At that time, Srinagar was a part of Anantnag District. When a separate Srinagar District was created Budgam became a part of it. Finally, in 1979, a new district was carved out of Srinagar and the town Budgam was made its administrative headquarters. As is the practice, the district was named Budgam after its administrative headquarters.

Geography of Budgam

Budgam, as a district, is bordered by Srinagar in the north, Baramullah in the northwest, Punch in the southwest and Pulwama in the south and south east.  It has a total area of 1370 Sq Km and is divided Budgam with Its Lush Geen Fieldsinto 6 tehsils; namely, Budgam, Beerwah, Chaddora, Charari Sharief and Khag. The topography in the south is hilly while the northern part of the district is rather plain.

Budgam town is located in the northern part of the district at 34.017823°N latitude and 74.7197°E longitude. It is situated at a road distance of 30.2 Km from the state capital Srinagar and can be reached by road in one hour.  The average elevation of the town is 1016 meters. The terrain here is mostly plain. Budgam mainly enjoys a temperate type of climate.  The average yearly rainfall is 585mm.

Administration in Budgam

Budgam is administered by a Nagar Panchayat. It consists of elected members and is headed by a
Chairman selected from amongst them. It also has an Executive Officer appointed by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to oversee the work of the council and monitors the implementation of all development programs.

Deputy Commissioner of Budgam

Office of Deputy Commissioner Budgam

Budgam, being administrative headquarters of the district, also houses the office of the Deputy Commissioner. Incidentally, the DC is the senior-most officer in the district and is responsible for the general well being of its residents.

Primarily, the DC acts as he eye and ear for the state government in the district. He has to undertake all kinds of administrative as well as quasi judicial duties for the benefit of the residents. In addition, he is also the District Development Commissioner; hence he also has to oversee all kinds of development work in the district. Moreover, in case of any law and order problem or natural/man-made disaster, the DC is required to take the first step. In case of any emergency one may contact him at the following phone numbers:
Office No:  01951-255-203
Residential Phone No: 01951-255-668, 01951-255-374

Few other important telephone numbers
Following are few other important telephone numbers that one should take note of
Additional Deputy Commissioner: 01951-255-294
Tehsildar Budgam: 01951-255-221
Senior Superintendent of Police: 01951-255-240 (O); 01951-255-241

For more telephone numbers, you may click here

Court in Budgam

The New Court Building in Budgam

Budgam is also the seat of the Principal District and Session Judges Court. When the city and its adjoining area became a tehsil under Srinagar district, Court of Munsiff (Judicial Magistrate 1st Class) was set up here. In 1979, the court was upgraded as the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate or CJM. The court complex that we see today started functioning from October 15, 1983.

Ban on Polythene Bags

Sale, purchase and use of polythene is banned in the district of Budgam. Violating it may cause penal action and hence one must be wary of using such materials.

Business and Economy in Budgam

Agriculture in Budgam

Economy of Budgam mainly depends on trading and agriculture. In addition the area is also famous for its handicrafts, especially Kani Shawls. Tourism is also a major source of revenue for the residents of this area.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Budgam

It is to be remembered that Budgam is located in the northern part of the district where the terrain is more or less plain. A large section of the population here earns their livelihood by tilling their land. Maize, rice, pulses are the main crops gown here.  Beside such food crops, the area also produces vegetables such as gourds, cabbage, cauliflower, Kale, khol khol, potato, onion and brinjal etc. It is to be noted that the farmers have now started producing such crops commercially and the area has started being known as the vegetable capital of Kashmir.

Sheep grazing across meadows
Source: Panoramio

Horticulture also contributes significantly to the economy of Budgam. Apple, pear, walnuts and almonds are the main fruit crops grown here. Animal husbandry too is another important factor. Most of the cattle owned in this district are of crossbred variety. Jersey cows have been crossbred with HF variety to ensure better yield. The government has also introduced Marino sheep so that they can be crossbred with local variety. Most of the nomadic tribes here own such crossbred sheep. Some of the Gujjar families have also crossbred their sheep with pashmina sheep so as to get better quality of wool. 

Kani Shawls of Budgam

Handicrafts also contribute significantly to the economy of the city. Kani shawls made in this region have always been considered as a mark of royalty by the Mughal Emperors. It is said that one such shawl was owned by none other than Julius Caesar. Josephine Bonaparte’s kani shawl, presented to her by her husband Napoleon, was a trend setter in Europe’s fashion world.

Kani Shawls

But what is so special about kani shawls? In essence, these shawls are woven on handloom with pure pashmina yarns. What makes it different is that an eyeless bobbin known as kani is used in place of a shuffle. Weavers are guided by a coded pattern, known as Talim. An authentic Jamawara Kani shawl, with all over disign, may take four years to finish. Today however, many weavers are weaving such shawls with fine merino wool instead of pashmina and are using power looms instead of handlooms. This has lowered the prices considerably and made the shawls economically more viable.

Emergency Services in Budgam

Emergency services offered in Budgam are at par with services offered in any other district town. It, being a district headquarters, has the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police located here. If you need to contact the police you may do so at the following numbers:
Police Station: 01951-255-223
Senior Superintendent of Police: 01951-255-240 (O); 01951-255-241

Fire Brigade also offers adequate services in Budgam. The fire station in Budgam has five fire appliances, and two fire pumps. In case of any emergency you may call them at 01951-255-222, 01951-256-482.

Health in Budgam

Blood Donation Camp at Aga Syed Yousuf Memorial District Hospital

If you are sick in Budgam, there is no need to worry. It, being a district headquarters, has the District Hospital located within the city limit. It is known as Aga Syed Yousuf Memorial District Hospital. Besides, there are many other private hospitals located in Hyderpora region. Although some of these hospitals are located outside the city limits, they are easily accessible from Budgam.
Following are the phone numbers of some of them:
  • Imam Hussain Hospital: 01914-249-0180, 01914-249-0180
  • Alameen Charitable Hospital: 90867-90110
  • Classic Hospital: 99066-13202
  • Mubarak Hospital: 01915-243-5527, 01915-247-7914

Chemists in Budgam

Chemists also provide an essential service and Budgam has many of them located in different corners. Following are few of them:

Batul Shifa Medicate
Near Forest Check Post
Phone No: 97961-71944

Bhat Medical
Krim Shore, Near Post Office
Phone No: 95961-01429

Cure Corner Medicate
Humhama, New Airport Road, Ompara
Phone No: 99067-24959

Dar Medicate
Opposite J & K Bank
Phone No: 99065-92100

Haroon Medicate
Humhama, New Airport
Phone No: 88033-36376, 94194-23551

Hyderia Medicate
Aga Syed Hospital Road
Phone No: 72989-19216

Khursheed Clinic
Opposite Budgam Court
Phone No: 94190-29016

Sajad Medicate
Near Aga Syed Hassan Auqaf Complex
Phone No: 94197-60766

Banks in Budgam

Budgam, being a center of trade and commerce, houses many banks of international repute. Among them, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, State Bank of India and HDFC Bank are of prime importance.

Transport in Budgam

Railway Station at Budgam

Budgam is easily accessible by road, rail and air transport from all parts of the state. To reach Budgam visitors can either avail bus services run by J&K State Road Transport Corporation or hire a taxi. To facilitate easier movement a new bus stand has been built just outside the city limits. 

Trains To and From Budgam

In addition to regular bus service, there is also a regular train service to and from Budgam. The Northern Railway runs regular DMU coaches to Banihal and Baramulla. Following is a list of trains that pass through Budgam Railway Station:

Train Number: 74633
From Banihal to Budgam
Arrives At: 14:50 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74621
From Budgam to Baramulla
Departure Time: 6:40 hrs
Working Days: Except on Thursday

Train Number: 74634
From Budgam to Banihal
Departure Time: 18:10 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74623
From Budgam to Baramulla
Departure Time: 9:45 hrs
Working Days: Except on Wednesday

Train Number: 74622
From Baramulla to Budgam
Arrives At: 17:50 hrs
Working Days: Except on Wednesday

Train Number: 74632
From Budgam to Banihal
Departure Time: 15:00 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74631
From Banihal to Budgam
Arrives At: 12:50
Working Days: Except on Thursday

Train Number: 74624
From Baramulla to Badgam
Arrives At: 21:00
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74626
From Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 8:31 hrs
Departure Time: 8:33 rs
Working Days: Except on Thursday

Train Number: 74630
From Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 11:41 hrs
Departure Time: 11:43 hrs
Working Days: Except on Wednesday

Train Number: 74627
From Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 15:48 hrs
Departure Time: 15:50 hrs
Working Days: Except on Wednesday

Train Number: 74628
From Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 10:51 hrs
Departure Time: 10:53 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74629
From Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 18:58 hrs
Departure Time: 19 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Train Number: 74625
From Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 8:48 hrs
Departure Time: 9:00 hrs
Working Days: Daily

Airport at Budgam

Srinagar International Airport, officially known as Sheikh-ul-Alam International Airport, is located close to Budgam. Flights from different places across the world land up at this airport and hence wherever you are it is easy to visit Budgam.

Some Other Important Facts About Budgam

District: Budgam
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Assembly Constituency:  Budgam
Lok Sabha Constituency: Srinagar
Pin Code: 191111
STD Code: 01951
Vehicle Registration Number: JK04

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